About us

POWER 98.7 was licensed by ICASA in December 2011 with the last frequency in Gauteng under the existing spectrum planning. The station, owned by MSG Afrika Group, was launched on 18 June 2013 and is the only radio station that holds the license to broadcast to the entire province.

Since the launch, POWER 98.7 was named the second most influential media platform in business in an analysis of the Agenda Setting Media (ASM) which was commissioned by Media Tenor SA. The station also emerge one of Google’s top 10 trending search lists of 2013 in the Zeitgeist ranking, as searched by South Africans.

Our mission is to be the most credible and trusted commercial talk radio station in South Africa.

Target Audience
Age: (Primary) 25 – 49 years
Gender: Equally Male and Female
LSM Segmentation: LSM 7-10


Power to what you stand for
To what you believe in
To making something out of anything and everything out of nothing
POWER to the wise

The warriors who conquer boardrooms,
social battalions and skeptical bureaucrats

The spiritual teleporters
them who raise future leaders while
shaping leader’s futures all in a days work

Leaders in their own right
The crowd shaker
the ground breaker

We say POWER to you the harmonic, melodic ear bender

The platform taker
the voice of reason
the perception shifter

The sister and brother from another mother

POWER to you who envisions an Africa alive
To you who have your ear to the
ground of this golden plateau
immersed in conversations
that are yet to be heard

To you who realise and materialise all that can
possibly be done under the South African sun

You who won’t give up until what’s right is done
we say to all of you who know what’s true
the time has come to dial into a frequency that allows you to be you

To you we say POWER

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